How To Be A Great RV Host

You’ve invited some friends along on your camping trip. You want to show your guests a great time, and you want them to see just what makes traveling in your RV so special. When you want your guests to live the Good Life right along with you, remember these helpful hosting tips!

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RVs - To Power Wash Or Not To Power Wash

You’ve got a power washer in the garage, and when you look at all the bugs stuck to the front of your RV after a long trip, you are very tempted to break it out to get your RV looking good in a hurry. The issue is, you’ve got fiberglass and decals all over the rig. You’re worried that your power washer could damage them, and that’s the very last thing you want!

So should you power wash your RV?

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Buying a Handicap Accessible RV

For someone who is physically challenged, the RV lifestyle can be a freeing way to travel and gain mobility. Imagine no more having to deal with hotels, or not having the comfort of your home while you travel. With an accessible RV, you can easily keep on traveling the open roads without having to worry. Whether you are buying an RV with modifications to fit you or a family member, there are a few things you should know when you go to buy.

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Good Life RV: While In Webster City

You’ve spent countless hours dreaming of owning an RV.  You’ve clicked on all of the RVs available on so many times that your computer mouse has nearly run out of batteries.  

Finally, you’ve found the fifth wheel that you think you want to buy, but before you pull the trigger, you want to get in that rig and set your own eyes on everything just to be certain.  A thorough walk-through should be on the agenda, for sure.

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When Should Your Kids Drive Your RV?

It’s an awesome feeling to climb behind the wheel and take command of your RV out on the open road.

You’ve planned your route and stops carefully, packed the gear and loaded up the family.  Now, the only thing left – is to drive!  And after a few hours in the saddle out on the highway, you get a tap on the shoulder.  “Hey, can I take the wheel?”

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