RV Vacation: Best Brewery Tours in the Midwest

What’s better than hitting the road, camping out with some friends and having a few cold ones while you’re at it? Not much! 

Around the Midwest, there have been a huge number of great breweries popping up. Far from the big breweries of yesteryear, these small craft breweries put focus on great beer, good times—and they’ll even show you around the place.

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How to Unwinterize your RV

Winter’s over—thank goodness. You’ve packed away your sweaters, boots and heavy coats and can finally take out the trash without wincing in pain. In fact, it feels pretty nice outside.

For RVers, that means only one thing: it’s time to hit the road and get out to the campground. But first, it’s time to get your RV ready for the season. Just like all the winterizing work you did back when it started getting cold, it’s time to get your RV ready by unwinterizing your RV. 

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Vacation: Midwest Baseball Cities

 The crack of the bat, the smell of cut grass and hot dogs—what’s better than baseball in the summer? Not much.

The only thing that could make the national pastime even better would be a trip in your RV! So why not combine the two and take your RV to major league ballparks?

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Follow These Steps to Set Up Your First RV Campground

Going on your first RV trip can be a scary endeavor. Sure, the guy at the RV dealership knew what they were doing, but could you get everything arranged by yourself? What if you do something wrong?

Just like anything else, setting up your first RV campground takes some practice and a little tenacity. Here’s how to set up your first RV campground.

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Vacation: Pipestone National Monument

In the wilderness on the border of Minnesota and South Dakota sits the small, often-forgotten Pipestone National Monument. While it may be a little out of the way for some (3.5 hours from Minneapolis and 5 hours from Des Moines), it’s a beautiful spot for the RVer who wants to get off the map and rediscover the beauty of nature.

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GLRV Rally 2015

To Our Good Life RV Family,

Hard to believe it’s that time of year again! It’s Rally season! Our 9th annual to be exact. We are busy getting everything organized and ready to go. Just in case you were wondering about our name change. We are Good Life RV, formerly Webster City RV, Diamond Trail RV and Story City RV. Nothing has changed at our dealership except our name. The “Good Life” is what camping with family and friends is all about. You will still get the same excellent customer service you have always come to expect from our RV dealership

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Memorial Day RV Camping

Getting Out In The Campgrounds

It's that time of year again. If you are like most people this is your first time out camping this year, and more than likely the first time you have gotten your camper out of storage. Sometimes there may be some things that you put off since putting away your RV in the fall while other times you may notice something wrong when getting ready for the season. We are including a short list of common things that need checked or done to ensure that you have a successful long weekend in the campgrounds.

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