Short Vacation: Blue Earth, Minnesota

While most cities have brown, or occasionally red soil, Blue Earth, Minnesota got its name from having an entirely unique tint to its ground. The town is named after its interesting, rich blue-black soil found on the river that runs through it – also named the Blue Earth River.

Clearly, its unique natural attributes are important to natives of this small Minnesota town. And that’s also what makes it perfect for RVers looking to escape from the hurried nature of big-city living.

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How Do I Flush My RV's Black Tank?

They’re not pretty, but every RV has one for a reason, and every RVer is glad it exists: the black tank.

The black tank holds all the solid and liquid waste from your RV’s onboard toilet. Understandably, it’s not the cleanest place in your RV, but its maintenance is not to be overlooked. After every trip, RVers should get in the habit of washing it out, and just dumping the waste isn’t enough.

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Is RV Parking at Walmart a Good Idea?

RVers like much of the same things: nature, community and family. None of those things can be found in the parking lot of a Walmart.

But when it’s pouring outside and you’re 60 miles from your campground (and 600 miles from home), the empty parking lot of a Walmart can be heaven-sent.

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RV Vacation: Moberly, Missouri

Iowa’s neighbor to the south, Missouri, is a place not to be missed. Dense with history, natural beauty and plenty of fun activities for the family, it’s a great state to get lost and find yourself in an RV.

One great small town full of natural splendor is Moberly, Mo. Located in north-central Missouri, it’s an easy drive from Iowa and a perfect place for families to spend a long weekend, no matter what season. Founded in 1866, Moberly’s explosive growth in 1873 earned it the title “The Magic City,” a title it holds today.

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The RVer’s Guide to NASCAR

The deafening roar of the engines, the smell of the exhaust and the sight of 43 cars gunning for the checkered flag – NASCAR overwhelms the senses for young and old alike.

Next time you’re watching a race on TV, take a look at what’s in the middle of the track: RVers just like you. It’s no secret that RVers have long flocked to race tracks to get a piece of the breakneck action. Hundreds of people choose to camp at racetracks instead of local hotels because of the tight community around race fans, and once you’ve camped there once, it won’t be your last time. It’s a family-friendly experience you won’t soon forget.

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Should I Bring a Bike Along While Camping?

Learning to ride a bike as a kid is a momentous occasion. If you’re lucky, you still have some pictures or video of it around, but otherwise, there’s an indelible image in your brain.

Riding bikes is fun for everyone, and it’s a great way to explore the outdoors. RVers of all ages can pick up cycling as a fun hobby and take it with them wherever they travel.

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