Short Vacation: Beatrice, Nebraska

Not every RVer is always in the mood for the sights and lights of the city. Many people want to get away from it all and check out small-town charm instead of big-city amenities. That’s where Beatrice, Nebraska comes in.

Beatrice, a small town of around 6,000 people not far from the Kansas border and in the southeastern corner of Nebraska, is a great stopping point for RVers looking to check out small-town living, nature and maybe a little history, too.

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Everything You Need to Know About RV Awnings

It’s 90 degrees on an August afternoon, and you’re out camping with your family. The sun is beating down relentlessly. The kids are off running around somewhere, your wife is taking a nap inside – this sounds like a good time to set up the awning and enjoy some outside living in a lawn chair.

But as you set it up, you notice a funky smell coming from the fabric. Then you remember – you put the fabric away wet when you went camping last. Mildew is everywhere. Yuck!

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Three Creative Ways to Secure Your RV’s Furniture

You love your RV. It goes on adventures with you, and it’s been your shelter from the elements from coast to coast.

But the interior? It’s getting a little dated. The floor is getting a little scratched, the sink has seen better days and the furniture is a little outdated. Why not bring some furniture from your house into the RV?

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Good Life RV Open House 2015

You may have been wondering, and we have gotten asked many times, "When is Open House?" Well we are pleased to announce that April 11 - 18 will be our annual spring Open House and Sale. This is typically the time when we get to see our ol' friends again and make new ones as Spring  blooms all around.

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Picking a GPS System

RVers in the 1980s and 1990s never knew the luxury of GPS. Burdened with comically difficult to refold paper maps, drivers had to unsafely navigate uncharted roads with a compass and a dollop of luck. The technology was effectively the same as Magellan used in the 1400s.

That was, of course, until GPS technology came around. Using satellites, GPS devices can track pretty much anything that moves anywhere on the planet. And that’s a big plus for RVers visiting new locales.

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Power Up: Know How to Plug Your RV in at a Campsite

Unlike plugging in a computer or television at your house, plugging an RV into shore power can be very complicated. And this is understandable – RVs are a collection of various electric things that can suck drastic amounts of power. So much that your average home electrical outlet aren’t nearly sufficient.

Before we begin, let’s take a step back and learn a little more about basic principles of electricity.

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Pick Your Favorite RV Ad From a Local 5th Grader!

Local 5th-grade students participated in the “Design An Ad” for area business, and we want you to help us pick the winner for Good Life RV Webster City.

Below are nine entries from local students.

Choose your favorite design and vote on Facebook and watch to see who wins!

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RV Vacation: Mark Twain National Forest

In the United States, there are 155 National Forests containing almost 190 million acres of land. And a good deal of those are within a short drive from central Iowa.

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There Are So Many Reasons To Maintain Your RV's Fridge

A cold drink on a hot evening around a blazing campfire with your family. Is there anything better? Not for people who live the Good Life. But, in order to have that cold drink on a hot evening – or milk for your morning coffee – you’ll need a fridge in perfect working order.

Refrigerators are pretty simple machines. By using a system of compressors and expansion valves, gas is expanded and cooled, which radiates outward and cools the food and drink inside. In your house, your fridge is powered with electric power, but nearly all RV fridges have the ability to be run by electric power or liquid propane gas.

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Short Vacation: New Glarus, Wisconsin

Switzerland, the scenic European country nestled between France, Germany and Italy, often gets overshadowed by its neighbors. France’s food, Germany’s beer and Italy’s art often take center stage, but that’s not to say that Switzerland doesn’t have anything to offer.

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Use These Tricks to Maintain Your RV's Tires

Remember your first car? Even though it was a rattling box of junk, you took great care of it. You polished it every weekend, changed its oil frequently (even though it leaked most of it out) and even put some new tires on when the old ones were looking worse for wear.

Same goes with your RV. There’s only a few points where your RV touches the ground, and each of them are made of tough rubber that can wear out quickly. Your RV’s tires are like sneakers: they need to have some life left in them in order to make it to your destination safely.

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