What Smart RVers Know About RV Covers

Winter weather is not kind to RVs, and harsh Iowa winters have been known to turn a luxurious camper into a wind-beaten clunker. Even in the summer or spring, there can be mountains of pollen, leaves and twigs to scuff up a nice paint job.

Ever notice how nice garage-kept cars look compared to cars stored outside? Same goes with your RV.

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How to Winter Camp in Your RV

The weatherman is calling for freezing temperatures. Your dog doesn’t want to go outside for a run. Scarves and gloves are becoming the coolest fashion accessories.

Sounds like a great time to go camping in your RV, right? You bet! Camping in the winter can be a fun, rewarding time, especially if you’re interested in skiing, snowboarding, ice fishing or any other cold-weather outdoor fun.

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6 Things You Need in Your RV Emergency Kit

It’s 2 a.m., and you’re on the side of the road 10 miles south of Yellville, Arkansas. There’s no one around you, it’s raining slightly and you’ve got a flat.

This is the less-than-glamorous side of RVing that no one tells you about. When you’re looking at RVs online, everything looks like sunshine, roses and camping in the woods around a campfire. But, inevitably, some emergency will befall your trip, and you had better be prepared for it.

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4 Crucial Ways to Maintain Your RV's Plumbing System

If you’ve been to your local hardware store recently, you might have noticed how big the plumbing section is. There’s aisles and aisles of toilets, sinks, fixtures and tiny parts that keep the whole thing together.

It’s no secret: Plumbing is complicated stuff. Transporting water and waste safely, sanitarily and securely around your house can be hard to do. And if you suspend a whole house’s worth of plumbing fixtures over a rumbling, rolling trailer that commonly flies at 60 miles per hour down the highway, you’re going to end up with some issues.

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RV Vacation: Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin

If you’re not a fan of things that go bump in the night, Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin may not be the place for you. This small town not far from the Wisconsin capitol, Madison, is full of trolls!

Well, not really. The mythological creature that Mt. Horeb holds as a mascot, the troll, is scattered around town as a nod to the Scandinavian heritage of the area. Since the city was founded in 1861, the city has become the troll capital of the world, and offers various troll-themed festivals throughout the year.

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How Do I Pick an RV Generator?

TVs, air conditioners and electric fireplaces are all frequently found in RVs, and they’re great to have around. They make our RVs feel a little more like home.

Unfortunately, they all require electricity, and electricity can be a scarce resource in an RV, especially when you’re boondocking. Watching TV and cooling off with the air conditioning after a hot day of outdoor activity can be nice – but sucking up all of your battery power can be awful.

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5 Things Under $100 Every RV Owner Needs to Have

So you’ve pulled the trigger on a new RV. The tires are shiny, the cabin has that new RV smell – and you’re ready to hit the road, as you likely have been for months.

But before you hit the road, you’ve got to stock your RV up with the things you need. Food is key, and so is camping equipment, sheets and fresh towels. But there’s always more.

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