What Every RVer Needs to Know About Campfire Safety

Everyone’s got their own idea of the Good Life when it comes to camping.  For most people, it involves a few drinks around the campfire as the summer sun sets, with the kids safe asleep in the camper.

And there’s nothing potentially more dangerous than that campfire. With glowing embers and the occasional spark flying through the air, a poorly-planned campfire can cause immeasurable harm.

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Do I Need Two Air Conditioners, or is One Enough?

Picture this: it’s the middle of July, and the weatherman is calling for another 90-degree scorcher outside. The humidity is unrelenting. And you’ve got your calendar cleared out for a long weekend of summer fun in your RV.

But with the heat encroaching, it’s hard not to envision the worst: trying to sleep in a sweaty, undercooled RV with fussy kids sounds pretty miserable.

Should you worry about your RV’s air conditioner? Will one air conditioner be powerful enough?

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Short Vacation: Hannibal, Missouri

Huck Finn, Tom Sawyer, Widow Douglas — do any of these literary characters stick out to you? Chances are, you’re a Mark Twain fan.

Twain, the famous author and literary powerhouse of the late 1800s, produced dozens of hilarious, thrilling and moving novels throughout his lifetime. He gave birth to the concept of “the great American novel.” And he did it almost entirely from his hometown of Hannibal, Missouri.

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RV Appliances: Gas or Electric?

Without appliances, your RV wouldn’t be much more than a mobile rustic cabin. Need to cool some beer? You’re out of luck. Want to make your campsite neighbor a batch of your famous sugar cookies? No can do. Appliances are the lifeblood of the modern conveniences your RV offers, and smart RVers know they must be well-maintained.

Thanks to the power of liquid propane gas, even if you’re not using shore power, you can use some of your RV’s appliances and have nearly all the conveniences of home.

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Short Vacation: Galesburg, Illinois

Not far from the Iowa border is the west-central Illinois town of Galesburg. While it may not seem interesting on the surface, visitors who dig a little deeper will find a great small town steeped in history and ripe for exploration.

In fact, that’s the principal the town was founded upon, and exploration and adventure is a common theme that visitors will find today. And that’s what also makes it perfect for RV adventurers from around the country.

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Short Vacation: Lincoln, Nebraska

Nebraska stirs up a lot of emotion in the hearts of many Iowans, especially during college football season. And while Nebraska may face off with the Hawkeyes on the gridiron, there’s no reason why Iowans should blitz the idea of checking out our neighbor to the west.

Lincoln, the second-most populated city in Nebraska, offers the best of cultural, natural and historical attractions for RVers of all ages. There’s a reason why it earned the No. 1 spot on Gallup-Healthways’ list of healthiest cities.

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The Best Way to Winterize Your RV

The leaves are changing color, the days are getting shorter and people are putting pumpkins out on their porch. The great memories you made during this year of camping are nothing more than memories. It’s too cold to go camping now. And it’s time to winterize your RV.

There are certain cold-weather precautions RV owners must take before the winter hits. Just like your house, water systems are especially vulnerable during the winter, as the water inside has a tendency to expand and burst pipes.

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